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BookcoverDistinguished and prolific poet, William (Bill) Aiken presents us with a collection of sexy, inspiring, articulate, and nourishing food for the soul. Like a truly good meal these poems have the effect on the reader of being both filling and satisfying. More and more we need poets like Bill to convey a perspective that is fresh, diverse, and far from mainstream. The added bonus here is the soulful nature of the works. He speaks with compassion, understanding, and celebration of the human experience. His poems are candid, lyrical, and crisp with a rhythm that begs to be read aloud in a community of friends and loved ones. Then like the gourmet cook the reader can sit back and luxuriate in the contented looks on the faces of those who have just feasted on something good and juicy.

I share with you these few examples of the soul food that awaits you in this book. Bill gives us a lot to chew on when he describes his woman as a ". . . tempest of love, a compelling crescendo of joy unspeakable . . ." (from "Compelling Joy"). The poet is at his best when he tells the reader of his admiration of the fine brown hips of a woman on a dance floor and says such delight is enough to make him ". . . go on to glory and ask St. Peter for nothing more . . ." (from "Scrumptious Black Woman"). Bill dares to combine sensuality with spirituality in "The Morning After." Actually, his strong spiritual center shines more brightly in works such as "I Think You Know Him." Bill tells us that his spirit rejoices as he experiences God's grace (from "Christmas Message To My God"): Our soul exhibits contentment at these simple pleasures of faith. I have read these poems over and over and with each reading I experience a new delight, a different flavor emerges, and I enjoy them more. I give this volume of poems two thumbs up and say a resounding AMEN!
Fannie Porter, New York City

Experience joy, unspeakable joy.

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COMPELLING JOY! Words that penetrate the heart.

Continuously revealing the preparation and process of spiritual readiness for living life in the "gifted posture" of praise.


"Courage", "Respect", "Richness"
"I Think You Know Him"....
"The Measuring Rod"

Gail Stewart

"The Compelling joy this poet finds is ultimately a joy in life, and it is a love for life. It is a love that surpasses any ordinary understanding, and seems in these poems a mirror of God's love."

William Aiken Sr. offers powerful inspiration and insightful "soul food" in Compelling Joy, his poetry collection that is indeed a poetic journey through life. From beginning to end, Mr. Aiken presents a collection that stirs emotions on every level. In "Behold the Lamb" and "I Think You Know Him" we are shown his heart and passion for the Lord. An "Ode to a Black Woman" and "Virtuous Woman" pays homage to black women, young and old. "Elegance" and "Who is She" introduces positive female influences; ones who have truly impacted Mr. Aiken in a tremendous way.

Compelling Joy is truly breathtaking; people from all backgrounds will relate to the poetry that is in this collection. Each poem is refreshing and thought provoking, it provides readers the opportunity to reflect on its essence and meaning. Mr. Aiken is a poet that truly speaks from the heart and his work will uplift, captivate, and inspire you to move onward.

Reviewed by Kanika Wade, The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

"Life is a colorful montage of joy, pain and everything in between. Compelling Joy is a heartwarming reminder that even in this profound truth, it is all a celebration. Through Aiken's poignant words, we experience the lumpy, nutty, confection of life as the delectable treat that it truly is."

Valerie Rose, Author, You Better Recognize! and Cappuccino in the Winter

Bill Aiken loves women, family, friends and above all God. I am delighted to fit into two of those catagories and I also feel like family. From reading his words and knowing him as a friend, I know him to be a man who champions in the strength of the human spirit.

Rita Coburn Whack, Author of Meant to Be

I know they say that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but based on the cover of this book you can tell that the author, Bill is hosting a great celebration. As a poet, he has captured everything beautiful, remarkable, tasteful, unique and natural of a Black woman, bottled it up, and like a caterpillar on a twig who has experienced a metamorphosis, he sets it free to fly as a sophisticated butterfly, throughout each page. This is just what poetry is and should be, a testimony of what the poet sees with his spiritual eye. It makes me happy to know that this book is not based on physical beauty alone. Although, physical beauty is candy for the human eye, the "Soul of a Man" is so much more intriguing. I can tell that Bill gave his soul the pen and allowed his heart to write. Compelling Joy is a delight to read. It will bring a smile to your face, if you're mature enough to fathom and appreciate it. God bless each reader and an extra special blessing for the author. As an aspiring poet myself, I feel inspired, and also proud to be both a Black woman and a poet. I guess that makes me a sistahpoet and I don't mind, knowing that I and other women like me, shared in the joy that "compelled" Bill to write this book of "joyful" poetry.

Best Wishes. Peace and Blessings.

MoodyMac (Sharanda), a Reviewer

The poems are refreshing and thought provoking. Once I started reading the book, I could not stop until I finished it. The poems convey the poet's passion for LOVE - Love of God, family, friends and life. Also convey his plea for help for those in need as well as for justice, truth and respect. One cannot help but stop and reflect on some of the messages. I consider this an excellent book of poetry that you must read, especially if you are a CPA. Thanks Bill for sharing one of your many gifts with us. I am looking forward to reading more of your works.

— Reviewer: Audley Bell from New York, USA

Compelling Joy is a wonderful collection of poems that cause the reader to take pause and reflect on the author's message. As I read the poems I experienced a range of emotions. There was joy and laughter as I read "Scrumptious Black Woman" and peacefulness as I read the words in "Celestial Love." I felt compassion when I read "Loneliness" and "What about Love." What Mr. Aiken has done through his words is allow us to take a glimpse into his soul. It is clear to me that his poems are a reflection of his inner spirit and the people and things that he values in life. When I read these poems I get the sense that Mr. Aiken is a deeply spiritual man who has the greatest love for God, family, friends and wo(man)kind. He seems to celebrate life and place value not on material possessions and personal accomplishments, but rather on the simplest pleasures that life has to offer. I believe Mr. Aiken's work offers us a chance to step back from these turbulent times that we find ourselves in, and experience, if just for a few hours, a poetic journey through life.

— Reviewer: H. Brown from Wisconsin

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